Property News – Latest Trends in Scandinavia and Hong Kong

If you’re interested in property news, you’ll want to check out these articles. You’ll learn about the latest trends in Scandinavia and Hong Kong, as well as about Coworking and self-storage properties. In the article Patrizia acquires Aros for SEK 3.6 billion, as well as the latest developments in the Swedish real estate market. Despite its name, this entertainment website offers a variety of articles on the latest trends and developments in the real estate industry.

Hong Kong’s real estate industry

The number of property sales in Hong Kong has dwindled this year, with sales in March down more than 50% on a year ago, although April’s figures showed an increase. Secondhand home prices fell 3.2% from December to March. Some homeowners have decided to sell their properties for much less than the asking price, a trend fueled by tighter virus rules in Hong Kong and the Beijing national security law. Despite the recent market slump, property agents are hopeful that the future will be good for the industry.

Scandinavia’s real estate industry

The recent growth in tourism in Scandinavia has had a profound effect on the real estate industry, raising prices by as much as 2%. Tourism has also had a spillover effect on nearby tourist hotspots. For example, Stockholm and Oslo recorded brisk increases in tourism, while Iceland’s tourism increased by as much as 29%. Despite these challenges, the Scandinavian real estate industry remains a relatively low-risk sector.

Coworking in self-storage properties

The concept of coworking in self-storage properties is becoming more common and more attractive, but how do you create a successful coworking space? First, you must understand your business model. The coworking model is based on the idea that people share office space. In this case, the people renting the space are entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs need office space. Alternatively, they may need a home office or shared office.

Patrizia buys from Aros for SEK 3.6 billion

In the Nordics, PATRIZIA has a solid track record as a deal maker, with ca. EUR 7.6 billion in transaction volumes during FY2021. The firm continues to outperform the industry in terms of deal making among independent real asset investment managers. The Nordic region topped the list for investment activity, with increased investment activity in Sweden and Finland. Its preliminary financial results are scheduled for release on 24 February 2022.

London’s property market

The demand for prime London property has been boosted by the recent saving of stamp duty.

Non-UK buyers have also jumped on the bandwagon following the Covid pandemic. However, a forthcoming stamp duty surcharge will stifle demand for prime London property, reducing the number of potential buyers. The table below identifies the top 10 nationalities of non-UK buyers in prime London by sold value.


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